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We help new ideas becoming real initiatives

SE has strong relationships with local, national and European institutions, providing support on the guiding vision to the energy transition, helping the detailed design of future scenarios, identifying optimized energy plans, contributing to the realization of pilot territorial initiatives and projects.

SE is supporting the Autonomous Province of Trento in several energy challenges, as well as other Regional Institutions in Italy.

SE is in close connection with several institutions such as the Clean Hydrogen European Partnership, the Battery European Partnership, the European Energy Research Alliance, the Italian Hydrogen Association, with key and guiding roles.

SE contributes to National Energy policies and provides support to Italian Ministries and Institutions, as well as it supports the creation of European Energy Programmes.


SE has a broad range of competences and services that can be offered to the territorial, national and European institutions:

  • Modelling tools for the design of future energy scenarios, with internal competences on multi objective optimization;

  • Domain competences on low carbon solutions, hydrogen and batteries, finding the way to define complex energy systems with deep decarbonization targets, both in territories, in industrial clusters, in several end uses;

  • Support to territorial pilot projects, with a multidisciplinary approach in system integration, energy analysis, safety issues,, and with the capacity to drive the change on territories, communities, valleys initiatives;

  • Support to designing new policy actions in the energy domain, including technical, economic, political, environmental and social aspects


Energy Transition

Helping territories and insitutions in driving the change to net zero carbon plans

Territorial Iniviatives

Guiding the implementation of novel solutions into territorial initiatives at scale

Policy Actions

Designing the pathway to support the change to sustainable energy solutions

Energy Economics and Analysis

Reviewing the best and more efficient way to achieve targets