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SE is the ideal partner for enterprises and institutions to find optimal ways, at technological or territorial level, to drive the energy transition, matching the different open challenges in one single turning key solution

SE aims to support industrial or institutional partners in the clean energy transition by addressing the energy value chain using an holistic approach while targeting different objectives:

  • climate change mitigation: proposing low to net-zero carbon energy solutions based on renewable sources and green carriers;

  • energy security: building up resilient energy systems operating h24 on the end use side;

  • local air quality: proposing solutions benefiting health and environment;

  • competitiveness: including economic assessment for the best use of money and for minimizing the final cost of energy

Integrating a broad range of heterogeneous competences, SE is your ideal partner, as a one stop shop for sustainable energy systems!

Industrial Support

SE collaborates with industrial partners to build up trust and to support innovation in a customized environment. SE adopts push and pull approaches and rely on co-development and joint collaboration approaches

Institutional Support

SE supports institutional partners in their mission to drive a clean and resilient energy system. SE can support the design of policies, the modelling of energy scenarios, the implementation of territorial projects