Sustainable Energy

Supporting the Transition to Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable Energy (SE) is FBK's centre for energy research, innovation and outreach. Our mission is to support the development and the adoption of low-carbon and zero-emission solutions for the production, distribution and storage of energy that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the deep decarbonization of our society. 

To advance this mission, SE conducts R&D and innovation projects in collaboration with industry, academia and public institutions in the energy sector. Our vision is grounded in the global and European decarbonization targets, which demand for increased energy efficiency and wide penetration of renewables enabled by sector coupling, use of new energy vectors and innovative storage solutions as enablers of the clean energy transition.


SE believes that the efficient and effective implementation of innovative energy solutions will contribute to balance our ecological footprint and grant a sustainable future for the next generations.

SE promotes R&I on new energy solutions, targeting technology transfer in collaboration with partners at industrial and territorial levels. SE aims at contributing to FBK mission: to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society.


SE aims to support the development of low-carbon and zero-emission solutions for the production, distribution and storage of energy that minimize environmental impact and enhance climate resilience.  

To this end, SE offers its know-how, expertise, and facilities in the energy field to help developing new methods, models and technology that can improve the efficiency and flexibility of energy systems in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Research Areas

The SE Centre performs R&D in four main areas:

Low-Carbon Research

Base science on advanced materials and processes for energy applications

Battery Technology

R&D on battery storage technologies

Hydrogen Technology

R&D on hydrogen production and storage technologies

Sustainable Territories

System integration for territorial energy systems

Value Proposition

We apply our expertise in energy systems and technologies to support our partners in developing innovative solutions for a sustainable energy transition. We provide technological and management support throughout the entire R&D process. 

Our core competences include:


FEBRAURY 03, 2023

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership Joint Undertaking has confirmed the preliminary results of the Horizon Europe call for Large Scale Hydrogen Valleys. The North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley project has received a positive technical evaluation and is now eligible to move on to the grant negotiation phase.

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JANUARY 30, 2023

Zaragoza hosted the General Assembly of FLEXIndustries, on 24 and 25 January 2023

The event took place on 24 and 25 of January, in Zaragoza. Diego Viesi and Francesco Ghionda represented the Centre SE, and presented the results of the analysis "Flexibility assessment and project framework definition" done for the Italian Demo site, SUANFARMA in Rovereto.

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More information on the project here

JANUARY 27, 2023

The Centre for Sustainable Energy at the Kick-off meeting of COMMUNITAS

The event took place on 17 January, in Lisbon. Diego Viesi and Gionata Luca participated in the Kick-off meeting to represent the Centre SE, which will co-lead the pilot site of Primiero Valley, one of the 8 pilot of the project. 

More information on the project here

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JANUARY 24, 2023

Luigi Crema is the new President of Hydrogen Europe Research

This morning's appointment concerns the most important European research organization in the field of hydrogen. Comprising more than 130 international universities and research centers, Hydrogen Europe Research manages, under the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a €1.2 billion program.

Click this link (ENG) / (ITA) to read the press release!

JANUARY 11, 2023

Interview with Michele Bolognese, researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Michele Bolognese, also Best European Researcher of the Year 2022, tells us about his involvement in numerous EU projects,  his work in the field of dynamic modelling and his wish for the future!

Click this link to see and listen to the interview.

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DECEMBER 19, 2022

The Centre for Sustainable Energy involved in the event "Super vacanze al MUSE"

Yesterday, Sunday 18th of December 2022, Chiara Curzel was at the Science Museum of Trento (MUSE) for the event Super vacanze al MUSE – Laboratori e attività per famiglie, where she read her tale "Oxy, Hydro e il grande viaggio" and made some laboratories with the young participants. 

More information here and at this link.

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DECEMBER 6, 2022

TGR interviews Luigi Crema and visits the Centre Laboratories

Luigi Crema explains the activities performed by and the perspectives for development of the Centre for Sustainable Energy of FBK.

See the complete interview at this link.

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NOVEMBER 28, 2022

Luigi Crema at the EU Hydrogen Policy Summit 2022

The two-day event is promoted by the 2022 Energy Research Accelerator and the University of Birmingham, and sees the participation of several high-level speakers such as a representative from the Commissioner Simson Cabinet, representatives from DG RTD and key hydrogen stakeholders across the EU and UK.

Check out the agenda of the event! 

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NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Hydrogen Webinar of EIT Manufacturing 

On November 22, the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Luigi Crema, participated as key note speaker in the webinar of EIT Manufacturing, the EIT Innovation Community created in 2019 and focused on contributing to make Europe and its manufacturing sector more competitive and sustainable

The webinar was open to the Community network and included an interestin Q&A session with the participation of FBK, Naco Technologies, Helbio S.A. Hydrogen & Energy production systems, HydroSolid Gmbh. 

NOVEMBER 7, 2022

Event: Il futuro dell'idrogeno fra tecnologie e regole

On Thursday 10 November 2022, the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento organizes the event "Future of Hydrogen: technologies and rules" with the partecipation of Director Crema. 

For more details on the event: click here

NOVEMBER 4, 2022

Luigi Crema moderates the B2B Forum and represents Hydrogen Europe Research

Session 12 of the B2B Forum entitled "Waste to Hydrogen Production", moderated by Luigi Crema, explored the progresses made so far in the field of renewable hydrogen production, the potential to contribute to the target of 20MT of hydrogen by 2030. 

On Friday 28 October, Luigi Crema represented Hydrogen Europe Research in the “Closing session and Key Take Aways” of the EU Research Days and Programme Review.

OCTOBER 26, 2022

Michele Bolognese received the Young Scientist 2022 award

FBK Researcher rewarded Young Scientist 2022 in the field of hydrogen production during the European Hydrogen Week, in Brussels, by the Hydrogen Europe Research, international and nonprofit organisation.

To read the article click here
To read the press release, click here

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