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We help new technology becoming business value

SE aims to use scientific knowledge to support industrial innovation. SE has extensive experience in technology transfer and innovation support gained by collaborating in multiple projects with industrial partners.

SE's industrial support ranges from the modelling of the technical solution to the development of real demonstrators suitable for pre-industrial production.

In SE, technology transfer occurs by creating collaborative relationship with companies to share skills, knowledge, technology and facilities that can be further exploited in the development of new products, processes, applications, or services.

SE's industrial collaboration also addresses spin-offs and start-ups to promote new business creation in the field of Clean Energy. Some innovations developed by the SE Centre are patented and represent innovative know-how for our partners.


SE offers to industrial partners:

  • Expertise in the energy field. We provide consolidated expertise and know-how to design and develop new solutions for energy systems, battery systems, hydrogen systems.

  • Competences in modeling. We offer the opportunity to improve and optimize systems and industrial processes through numerical modeling by using software such as Comsol, Ansys and proprietary code.

  • Know-how in control systems. We offer multidisciplinary competences in design and development of complete control system (electronics, telecommunications, fluid dynamics, mechanics).

  • Safety management. We help partners in the management of industrial safety of machines and systems (IEC61508, EN62061 and SILs)

  • Project development and management. We support partners in individual project management skills and in the development of new initiatives and collaborations.


Asset exploitation

Helping partners to exploit their assets in both technology push and market pull strategies

Joint innovation labs

Performing joint R&D activities by sharing facilities to create common laboratories for innovation


Collaborating with partners in concept co-design and co-development

Strategic partnerships

Helping partners to exploit their assets by designing both technology push and market pull strategies