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Our competences, know-how and expertise are our main value.

In R&I activities, we perform applied research using the scientific method to solve specific technical issues and find innovative solutions. We focus on problem identification, hypothesis formulation and experimental testing with the goal of validating theoretical models and apply the findings to improve existing technology or create new solutions.

Technical Competences

Materials' Engineering

  • Nanostructured materials and layers

  • Energy processes supported by plasma

  • Advanced coating techniques

Materials' Characterization

  • Wide characterization facility

  • Structural and Morphological analysis

  • Tribology and adhesion


  • Component and system design

  • Control strategy development

  • Preliminary risk assessment

Materials' Validation

  • Physiscal properties

  • Electrochemical properties

  • Mechanical properties


  • Multiscale and multiphysics modelling

  • Steady-state and dynamic system simulation

  • Optimization of smart energy systems


  • Component assembly

  • Prototype construction

  • Control system development


  • Components and system testing

  • Company service expertise

  • Demo site and living labs

Feasibility Study

  • Techno-economic analysis

  • Future scenario development

Management Competences

Proposal preparation

  • Project proposal writing

  • Project coordination

Dissemination & Exploitation

  • Scientific dissemination

  • Technology transfer

Fund scouting

  • Scouting of EU funding

  • Scouting of national and local f

Project Management

  • Execution

  • Strategy development